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Our History


Presents Yummies Snack

With an industrial chip-fryer type cooker, with a capacity of 175 pounds of fried product and a banana slicer, Dinant produces its first banana chips that were cut into slices as long, rectangular bars.


Beginning of Operations

Yummies was founded in San Pedro Sula in 1976 to supply the Honduran market with different types of high quality snacks, it started operations with 10 employees. 39 years later, the brand’s expansion includes Central America and the Caribbean, reaching millions of consumers and directly employing 3,000 workers in manufacturing, sales, management and distribution.


First Products

Production of salty snacks started with Churritos, Corn Chips, Caramel Popcorn and Donkey Milk candy using rented machines and handcrafted processes as well, all under the Yummies brand.


Leading Brands

Throughout the years, and always under the Yummies brand, the creation and consolidation of leading brands such as Ranchitas, Zambos, Ziba´s, Taqueritos, Del Rancho and Cappy has evolved. The brand now has high tech equipment and machinery, standardized processes, international certifications and a broad distribution network.