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Responsible Company

We love what we do…

We are extremely proud of each of our actions socially responsible nature. This is why, in addition to meeting our customers’ expectations, we strive to improve people’s lives in the comunities and the environment in which we operate.

Community Development

Our collaborators are actively engaged in different programs implemented by Dinant to foster sustainable development in communities

Protection of the Environment

At Dinant, our strength is devoted to preserving the land we share with other living beings. Rather than a duty, we believe thay part of our comittment is returning to nature part of what it has given us.

Clean Energy and Organic Fertilizers

Dinant is focused on developing Clean Energy under the closed loop ZERO DISPOSAL, ZERO WASTE.

Comitted to you since 1960

Dinant has significantly improved the lifestyles, skills, education, employment rates, and the health of people living in the communities where we operate. We do everything possible to protect the environment through a series of wildlife conservation projects.

Throughout ten consecutive years, Dinant has received the title of Socially Responsible Company by the Honduran Business Social Responsibility Foundation (Fundación Hondureña de Responsabilidad Social Empresarial or FUNDAHRSE in Spanish) in acknowledgement of our best practices.