11 June, 2023

RadioHouse Podcast by Taqueritos reached Turkey

The latest Podcast by Taqueritos is here!

Once again, Taqueritos takes over the speaker and brings you a series of content about what you are most passionate about. Obviously we had to start with the king of sports: soccer.

So to kick off a season of IN- TEN- SO content as it deserves: Taqueritos traveled to #Istanbul2023 with Nuni Joya, Jacobo Hernández and Frank Aguilera, from RadioHouse Honduras.

There we lived and reported the atmosphere from the final of the first Champions League of Manchester City led by Pep Guardiola.

The Chaaaaampionsss!

The most intense team of RadioHouse went to live the final of the most prestigious club tournament in Europe, with RH Podcast by Taqueritos. And there we generated the episodes of this first season. Ready for our review?

In the 1st Episode: we have as our guest Adrian Segovia, Executive Vice President and head of content and distribution of the Spanish League in North America.

With him we had a preview of the Champions League semis. Watch the full episode here: RH Podcast by Taqueritos | Episode 1: Champions League Semi Final Preview with Adrian Segovia