11 January, 2023

Ziba's Pic '22/ '23

New categories, more countries and lots of prizes! This is Ziba’s Pic 2023, where Yummies consumers in Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic will be able to participate in 3 different categories.  The winning photo for each category will be selected by a jury of photography experts from all over the region. The winner of each category will be able to take home a prize of $500.00 dollars, 1 Samsung S21 cell phone and lots of Yummies products. Plus, the public’s vote counts! Registered users can also vote for their favorite photos in each category. The photo with the most votes will win a Drone as an amazing prize. The Ziba’s Pic cell phone photo contest will run until January 15, 2023. Participate and show the world your skill behind the lens of your cell phone camera! Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)