21 May, 2023

Ziba's took us to see Manuel Turizo, IN CONCERT.

The Costa Rican public met Manuel Turizo for his most important show in Costa Rica until today. In which he would perform for the 1st time as the main artist.

As if that wasn’t enough, minutes before his concert in Costa Rica, Turizo received a Platinum album from Sony Music Central America, for the success of “La bachata”.

This song is taken from his most recent and 3rd studio album: 2000.

During his visit to Central America, Ziba’s was in charge of taking 4 snackers + their companions to live the experience.

Just by answering 1 simple question on the official social networks of Snacks Yummies, they got their DOUBLE TICKET to the concert at the Coca Cola Amphitheater, Parque Viva.

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